Mani Holdings (UK) Ltd is a 25 years old organization based out of London, UK helping organizations to successfully implement digital transformation projects, supported with necessary training. Amstar is proud to be an associate of Mani Holdings for InsightSoftware Implementation

Integrated Analytics solutions from Insightsoftware

The world is undergoing rapid and continual change. Now more than ever, finance teams need to stay agile to help their organizations adapt quickly to changing business conditions.

Our solutions are integrated with multiple data sources and designed to do real-time data capture for timely decision making and set required proactive alerts.

.Integrated with more than 100+ ERPs popular globally.

· Adapting the right continuous planning and reporting tools.

· Increasing Productivity, Visibility, Accuracy and Compliance across all departments.

· Providing a single version of truth using real-time data from multiple systems and sources.