Techdata: Techdata is a major distributor of IT software and hardware products in India. Amstar is proud to be a business partner of Techdata for Nutanix.

Nutanix: Nutanix is a major provider of cloud computing solutions. Amstar is proud to be the reseller of these Nutanix products in India.

In the latest category of multi cloud era, the Nutanix Partner India Program is designed to help you innovate and succeed. The Nutanix Partner India Program creates beneficial outcomes for your company or organization and your clients  whether you’re a reseller partner, supply chain partner, or organised service provider. We can prosper in the modified multi cloud age if we work cooperatively. Nutanix provides a true partnership focused on satisfying you as much as our clients.

Handling complicated networking, utilizing powerful and flexible techniques for various clouds, and re-architecting apps, among other obstacles, are all part of the public cloud experience. We solve these problems at Nutanix Partner India with an unique software product that spans personal and public clouds, enabling hybrid and multi cloud installations simple to create, operate, and adjust. Our hybrid cloud – based solutions simplify cloud maintenance while facilitating seamless applications and resource mobility across many situations.

The Nutanix Partner India programme is built on a competency-based architecture that benefits you for delivering exceptional client results across the life – cycle.. Nutanix is a leading provider of cloud – based services. The core idea is to advance and improve end-user data centres, supply desktop apps and data, and execute such programs at such scale, including cloud and on-premise. Our VDI technology virtualizes your server, allowing your employees to access desktop apps and resources from any location, at any time. Nutanix Partner India allows users to also have immediate access to desktop apps from any system, regardless of which one they are now using. These strategies are not reliant on professional office setups and give end-users the option to perform on their desktops while doing so.

What Nutanix Does:
Nutanix Partner Indiastrives to delight customers with a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multi-cloud computing. Business can be accelerated with a single platform for all apps, data, and cloud services.

How Nutanix does it:
Nutanix Partner India leverages its industry-leading, 100% software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure to provide a single cloud platform that seamlessly brings to life a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. Whether on-prem or in the cloud, you get unified management and operations with one-click simplicity, intelligent automation, and always-on availability.