IBM Self Paced Virtual Course (IBM SPVC)


IBM’s Self-Paced Virtual Classes (IBM SPVCs) are a flexible training option that allows students to master skills via online courses that fit their schedules. SPVC courses are typically 30-80 hours of learning via online reading assignments, multimedia presentations and demonstrations. Lessons are presented in convenient modules so that students can easily integrate training into their work schedules. The IBM SPVC courses include the same content as traditional classroom training. Students access hands-on labs and complete assignments using actual products.This training is delivered via the IBM Learner Portal and access is granted via use of an IBM Learner Portal Access Code. Once activated, you will have 30 days to complete your course. You get access to the IBM course material and labs along with Self learning presentation / videos and assessments as applicable.Plus if you need the support of an instructor / subject matter expert, the same can be arranged at a nominal additional cost.

Please write to [email protected] to know more about a SPVC or to register for one.


Course Code Course Name Duration in Hours
2W613G IBM BigInsights Foundation 24
2W634G IBM BigSQL for Developers (v5.0) 6
2W644G IBM BigInsights BigSheets 8
2W654G IBM BigInsights Text Analytics (V4) 8
2W664G IBM Big SQL for Administrators (v5.0) 6
2Z670G InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management V10 16
2Z720G InfoSphere MDM Virtual Foundation v11.4 24
2Z780G InfoSphere MDM Algorithms V11 24
TOS38G IBM SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5 IT Asset Management Fundamentals 24
2Z820G InfoSphere MDM Architecture V11 24
2Z840G InfoSphere MDM Workbench V11 24
2Z850G InfoSphere BigMatch for Hadoop v11.4 16
2Z870G InfoSphere MDM Application Toolkit V11.3 16
2Z880G Virtual Module Algorithms for InfoSphere MDM V11 16
2Z930G InfoSphere MDM Physical Domains V11.4 24
2Z981G InfoSphere MDM Physical Module Algorithms V11 16
F2809G IBM FileNet P8 Platform Essentials (V5.5.x 8
F2819G IBM FileNet P8 Platform Administration (V5.5.x) 40
F2909G IBM Case Manager Essentials (V5.3.2) 8
F2919G Build an IBM Case Manager Solution (V5.3.2) 8
F2929G IBM Case Manager: Configure Security (v5.3.2) 8
F2939G IBM Case Manager: Solution Deployment from Design to Production (V5.3.2) 6
F2949G Customize the IBM Case Manager Client User Interface (V5.3.2) 8
J1221G IBM Cognos Controller: Develop Application (v10.2/v10.3) 40
J1222G IBM Cognos Controller: Author Reports (v10.2/v10.3) 8
J1252G IBM Planning Analytics/Cognos TM1: Design and Develop Models in Performance Modeler (v10.2) 40
J1255G IBM Cognos TM1: Administer the Technical Environment (V10.2) 16
J1257G IBM Planning Analytics/Cognos TM1: Analyze and Share Data (v10.2) 24
J1259G IBM Cognos TM1: Create Scorecards (V10.2) 8
J1261G IBM Planning Analytics/Cognos TM1 Design and Develop Models in Architect (V10.2) 40
J1357G IBM Planning Analytics: Analyze Data and Create Reports (V2.0.x) 16
J1361G IBM Planning Analytics: Design and Develop Models in Architect (v2.0) 40
J1362G IBM Planning Analytics: Design and Develop Models in Planning Analytics Workspace (V2.0.x) 40
J2280G IBM Cognos Data Manager Build Data Marts with Enterprise Data (V10.2) 40
J4008G Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics (v11.0) 8
J4019G IBM Cognos Analytics: Architecture and Logging (v11.0) 16
J4061G IBM Cognos Analytics – Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (V11.0) 16
J4063G IBM Cognos Cube Designer – Design Dynamic Cubes (v11.0) 16
J4098G IBM Cognos Analytics – Author Active Reports (v11.0) 8
J4152G IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.0.x) 32
J4155G IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (v11.0.x) 16
J4158G IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.x) 24
J4159G IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Advanced (v11.0.x) 16
J4252G IBM Cognos Framework Manager: Design Metadata Models (v11.1.x) 32
J4255G IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (V11.1.x) 16
J4258G IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (V11.1.x) 24
J4259G IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Advanced (V11.1.x) 16
O3167G Watson Explorer Foundational Components (v11) 32
O3177G Watson Explorer Analytical Components (v11) 32
O3268G Fundamentals of IBM Watson Explorer Deep Analytics Edition oneWEX (V12.0.x) 16
TOD46G IBM Monitoring 8.1.3 – Implementation and Administration 16
TW107XG IBM Access Manager Platform Foundations 24
F251G IBM Datacap 9.0.1 – Introduction 8
F252G IBM Datacap 9.0.1: FastDoc Local Mode 4
F253G IBM Datacap 9.0.1: FastDoc Server Mode 8
F254G IBM Datacap 9.0.1 FastDoc Multi-Page Document 3
F255G IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Datacap Studio 16
F256G IBM Datacap 9.0.1 – Datacap Configuration 8
F257G IBM Datacap 9.0.1 – Datacap Navigator Configuration 8
F258G IBM Datacap 9.0.1 – Administration 8
ZE550G IBM App Connect Professional 24
ZD013G IBM App Connect Enterprise V11 Essentials (with lab) 16