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Today, customers are savvy about the Information Technology training they need, from a wide range of technology solutions with varied delivery methods to meet their project demands. The competition between software organizations is fierce, and a company’s technical strength and skills is the competitive advantage and added business value that they offer the customers. We believe in delivering effective learning experiences that result in ready to deploy product adopted professionals. We believe in customer retention and the growth of long-lasting partnerships with the customers. The technology training is all about decision-making. You need efficient team that isn’t just effective at writing code and developing the applications your / client organization needs, but that’s also able to make the timely right decisions in the digital transformation.
Our Offerings Include:
– Managed Learning Services
– IBM Authorized Training
– Technology and Functional Training across TEN Practice Areas
– Custom Learning Content Design & Curation
– Instructor facilitation
– Functional
– Choice of Delivery Methods
– Learning AdministrationBeing in the Corporate IT talent development business for close to 15 years with a team of the hardcore learning professionals, Amstar understands the pressures that global organizations are facing due to non-availability of talent specific to their business needs. Therefore, in today’s changing environment we would like to be a reliable partner servicing specific talent needs at the time businesses need the talent for the emerging roles in organizations, to keep pace with changing business models.Our brand recognition, global presence, and superior innovation give us a powerful competitive position, and offers our customer a true trusted partner.
Our Experience in Learning Services:
– Churned out over close to one lakh professionals in varied skill sets
-Training delivered to clients across the world in over 50 Countries
– Thousands of Instructor / SME resources globally available to deliver the courses
– Assisted thousands of candidates to obtain professional Certifications successfully
– Maintains high level of client satisfaction record.
– Delivery Partners across strategic locations
For more details, Please reach out to us at [email protected] or at +91-9880660787 / +91-6366898501 / +91- 9916102388