Two friends and technocrats, B T R Naidu and J S Jayakumar, felt the urgent need for skilled professionals in the booming Telecom sector, Mobility Computing and Wireless technology. They came together in July 2005 and laid down the foundation of Amstar Technologies to provide training to the professionals in the growing telecom sector .

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the organization hit its first milestone when it became a Private Limited company in 2008. An Institutional member of NASSCOM, Amstar Technologies has also expanded its wings in Staffing, Training facility management and Software consulting. Being part of the IT ecosystem for the last 15 years, Amstar is now a pioneer in enterprise IT learning and training and Authorized training partner for IBM products since 2014. Amstar has served more than 500 clients in 50+ countries in various verticals over the last 15 years. Amstar is nominated in the list of Global TOP 20 IT Training Companies Watchlist for 2020 by Training Industry Inc.

2005 - 2008: The founding of Amstar Technologies, Bengaluru

[Originally formed as a registered partnership firm]


J. S. Jayakumar


December, 2008-present: The birth of Amstar Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru

[Converted to a Private Limited Co.]


B. Venkat Rao


J. S. Jayakumar



  • Amstar has signed its first Enterprise training vendor ship agreement with a Bangalore based MNC to impart training to their fresh recruits from the college campus across India. The first IT Technical training was delivered by the Director of the company
  • Amstar has signed its first Business Partnership (BP) agreement with an international Training Outsourcing Company in Australia to offer IT Technical Training Facility Services in India.
  • Amstar has kick started its Lateral staffing services division and made an initial in-road with a domestic organization.
  • Amstar's first Business Associate Chennai office was opened.
  • Amstar started organizing concurrent technology programs for multiple clients in a day.
  • Amstar's first Business Associate Kolkata office was opened.
  • Amstar divulged into its first overseas technology training.
  • Amstar divulged into its first overseas staffing activity.
  • Amstar established a Global Reach Partner Agreement[GRPA] for Managed Training Services[MTS] with UK's leading IT training Company.
  • Amstar branch office in Kolkata opened.
  • Amstar has signed a Business Associate (BA) agreement with World's largest global industry's leading single-source provider of Next Generation Training and Meeting Solutions in USA to support their client in APAC region.
  • Became an Institutional member of NASSCOM
  • Amstar associated with the State/Central Govt. to impart Technical/Non-Technical/Functional trainings for their professionals on different Industry DomainsNerticals.
  • Amstar Technologies has become a Private Limited company during December.
  • Amstar has rolled out its first MTS event for a leading telecom/mobile industry.
  • Amstar branch office in Hyderabad opened.
  • Amstar successfully rolled out its first technical content writing for an MNC client.
  • Become an Institutional member of the prestigious body BCIC (Bangalore Chamber of Industries and Commerce).
  • Amstar has made its first Software Consulting services for a leading telecom/mobile.
  • Amstar has signed Business Partnership (BP) agreement with an Australian based international Training facility outsourcing company to offer IT Technical Training Facility Services in across India.
  • Amstar has opened its own branch office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Amstar has rolled out successfully Hire-Train-Deploy [HTA], a ready-to-employ model on the desired skill sets required by an MNC client to meet their growing demand on skilled IT resources
  • Amstar becomes iTLS, Empowered Training Partner for India to provide Authorized training programs on CISCO, NIA:TAPP, JUNIPER, CITRIX, with the aim of meeting the industry's growing need for Certified Professionals.
  • Amstar has forged a Business Relationship with one of the leading business training facilities organization in Australia to support their customers in APAC region.
  • Amstar has established a Strategic Technology Consulting Partnership on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practices with Su pai Infotech for Open Text Content Server(OTCS) and successfully rolled out a project for an MNC.
  • Amstar has launched its first Virtual Learning Services (VLS) for an MNC.
  • Amstar has become the Training Sales & Delivery Partner (TsDP) in India for Arrow ECS for IBM Software Products training alliance with the aim of meeting the industry's growing need for IBM Certified Professionals
  • Amstar celebrated 10th Year Anniversary.
  • Amstar has setup a team of fresher to build in-house technical competencies on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) under the guidance of our Technology Partners in June 2015.
  • In a move cheered by the Training Sales & Delivery Partner of Arrow ECS for IBM Training in India, Amstar appointed new batch of Authorized Corporate Training Resellers who could sell the IBM training Solutions to clients/enterprises across India with a consultative approach including Tier I, Tier II IT hubs such as Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and an overseas reseller in Singapore. The target is to grow this network to all major IT hubs in India / few countries abroad by mid-2017 focusing on enterprise business.
  • Introduced to further strengthen the Staff Welfare measures by introduction of PF, ESI, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, new maternity leave guidelines, people friendly leave policy, Work from.
  • Expanded the Channel Reseller Partner network by adding additional set of Authorized Corporate Training Resellers who could sell the IBM training Solutions to Clients/Enterprises across few important IT hubs and few other countries and business growth witnessed.
  • Amstar has participated in MSME IND Expo 2017 — Bangalore during 14th & 15th Nov' 17.
  • Amstar also had been part of Bangalore Tech Summit which was held on 16th — 18th Nov' 17 in Palace Grounds.
  • Awarded with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for commitment to high quality and process improvements in Training, learning and development and other alleged services
  • Entered into IT Technical contract staffing services initiatives with Govt. sectors successfully.
  • IBM SaaS Software product license sale, license upgrade, AMC and consulting services business vertical prioritized for an accelerated growth.
  • Moved on towards digitization, the automation ecosystem by building digital infrastructure based services applying emerging technologies to add value and drive growth for clients.
  • Became an Institutional member of NASSCOM
  • Established Enterprise asset management (EAM) practice division to churn out talent poll through Hire, Train & Deploy strategy to meet out the growing market demand to supply and support IBM EAM Maximo projects.
  • Acquisition of a semi-commercial land for the Organization to set up the establishment in near future.
  • Finished as Finalist in People Matters L&D; Awards 2019 under the category “Future Tech Skill Building” at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
  • Received the award from “Enterprise IT World” at Aero City, New Delhi- CIO 500 Conclave& Awards 2019, Change Agent
  • Em-paneled with IBM Talent Acquisition Division to extend our Staffing Services to meet their requirements.
  • Formation of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to receive and redress complaints on sexual harassment at workplace - PoSH @ Work
  • Amstar Technologies is nominated to the list of Global TOP 20 IT Training Companies Watchlist for 2020 by Training Industry Inc. in November
  • IBM India and Amstar Technologies signed the Career Education Business Partner Agreement (Academy-Industry Engagement for IT Skills Development in Universities) in November
  • Tech Data India and Amstar Technologies signed Business Partner Agreement for Autodesk & Nutanix Software Products and IBM Global Technology Solutions
  • Tech Data India and Amstar Technologies signed Business Partner Agreement for Autodesk & Nutanix Software Products and IBM Global Technology Solutions
  • We expanded our Training products by becoming an Affiliate member of Indian Testing Board for Software Testing Training and Certification in September
  • Received Service Excellence Award 2020 by Computer Society of India (CSI) at Bhubaneshwar in February
  • Udyog Rattan & Service Excellence Award – 2020 by Institute of Economic Studies(IES) in March
  • We launched 10 Practice areas for Training in June
  • We are a registered Seller in Government e-Marketplace (GeM) and Receivables Exchange of India Limited (RXIL)
  • Remote working enabled for Employees Nationally with Digital Process Management System



To build Customer Satisfaction, and strive to provide complete Information Technology solution you need to stay ahead of your competition.


Create Competitive Advantage and Sustainable Value to our clients to meet their satisfaction.


Our performance over the past three years is testimony to Amstar’s story of growth and evolution. We are quite happy with the way we ended this year amidst political and economic turbulence in our key markets. We expect the current fiscal to be incrementally positive as clients adopts more digital services of cloud and automation..

Message from Board of Directors:

Greetings from Amstar Technologies! Hope this finds you safe and in good health.

India’s IT sector continues to play an important role in the new knowledge-based socio-economic revolution that is sweeping the world today. The world has witnessed India’s emergence as an important source of e-solutions and services for meeting the global demand of IT services and solutions.

As you know that we also have appreciable business transactions in Asia Pacific, Middle-East, America and Europe and hence have full-time as well temporary/contract employees across locations to support our clients effectively. Being an Arrow ECS IBM OEM Training Sales & Delivery Partner [TsDp] since 2014, which enabled us to offer comprehensive solutions to our re-sellers, Corporate, retail customers to suit their cutting-edge business needs adopting the right delivery model for cost-effectiveness.

As you all are aware that your Company services global clients across various industries. Your Company provides its clients with competitive advantages by applying various emerging disrupting technologies. Your Company works with its clients not only to enable their digital future but also to drive hyper efficiencies across their technology infrastructure applications and core operations enabling them to achieve cost leadership in their businesses. Your Company's services include a range of IT and IT-enabled services viz. digital customer-centric IT Learning & Development, IT Project lateral Staffing, IBM Software Product Sales, licensing, Annual Maintenance Contract, Consulting on a wide IBM range of products and Open Systems, Custom application design development, Re-engineering and maintenance systems, global training infrastructure facilities services to leading enterprises worldwide.

This was a year of extreme economic challenges for the world, a situation aggravated almost beyond measure by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and your Company continued to play on its strengths. The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled people all over the world to make changes in their way of working and living. Since the time of the first lockdown, the safety and health of our staff members has been the paramount objective for the Company. We have been continually educating our staff members on the importance of self-discipline and adherence to all safety directions and guidelines issued by our Government. Further, your Company has supported the initiatives of our Central and various State Government agencies. Amstar across locations have effectively adapted to the ‘work from home’ culture suggested by the Government until now

I hope and pray that all our Stakeholders have remained safe and continue to take all precautions to protect themselves, their families and society. The downturn experienced by the sector in FY 19-20 was in a sense inevitable like other Industries globally. The lockdown from the 25th March 2020 imposed led to disruption of the sale plans, projects for execution, cancellation of orders, etc as the last week of March is always important.

The COVID-19 epidemic has given your Company as well as its Consultants, Vendors, Partners, and others an opportunity to review all systems of working and become more efficient and competitive. Thus while we are going through difficult times, we believe we will emerge stronger and fitter in the future. The Management is well aware of the fact that the current business environment may pose challenges in the near term, but it also provides opportunities in the short, medium, and long term. Further, the markets your Company serves are undergoing a massive disruption due to the outbreak. The situation caused by this pandemic continues to evolve and the effects on such markets and remain uncertain.

Our appreciation goes to the well-knit team of staff members who continue to be our greatest strength and also the competitiveness of your Company remains good and able to meet the critical challenges with their support. We look to the future with a great deal of optimism as of now as many new opportunities are likely to open as the world adjusts to the post-Covid-19 scene. The Government has always been very supportive and we hope and expect conditions for increasing our competitiveness and growth will continue to get better in the coming year –2021.

The Awards & Accreditations bestowed upon Amstar by leaders and global Industry governing bodies have put us on the list of fast-growing elite companies worldwide that hold such a distinction. We are certain that within Asia, there are only about a few Organizations of our nature and stature in such business which have received the highly coveted awards and accreditation. These awards and accreditations not only validate our standards of excellence and the high quality of service outcomes but also demonstrate our commitment to remain dynamic.

However, we do not intend to rest on our laurels. Instead, we are poised to build on our strong foundations with the vision of becoming one of the top-rated finest IT Services firms globally in the years ahead. I invite you to be a part of this exciting journey. We are cognizant that such success arises from the joint endeavors of our Leadership team, talented workforce, trusted clients and Partners, dedicated Consultants, and the continued confidence of our Stakeholders.

Over one and a half-decade of our successful operation, Amstar has created an enviable image for its reputation and credibility. In a nutshell, we are constantly innovating and functioning with the realization of inclusive, equitable, and sustainable national development goals. We have always set our standards high to realize the vision to develop ethical leaders and entrepreneurs who are not only committed to the business, commerce and industry but are also socially conscious towards their contribution in nation-building and bring in name for the country globally as we strive to bring a global perspective to our business and activities.

As we look ahead over the next few years, we anticipate a tremendous deal of transformation stemming from COVID-19. Consumer behavior will change in numerous ways, from demanding more integrated digital experiences. Amstar is well placed to meet the demand opportunities that will arise from these important and fundamental shifts.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued trust, confidence, and support as we enter Brave New Year 2021, one that is already rewriting the rules of the past. On behalf of the Board and all the Stakeholders, We appreciate the spirit of Amstarites’ in upholding their commitments in these testing times, as always.

May I thank all our shareholders for their consistent support to the management as we take on the challenges of the future.

A Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year 2021 to all of you! God Bless you all and Amstar.

Jai Hind.

By the Board of Directors
Amstar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

31st December, 2020