IBM Web Based Training (IBM WBT)

IBM Web-Based Training (WBT) classes offer students maximum flexibility and control over their learning. Students can train and study at their own pace, on their own schedule, no travel expenses required. In today’s economic environment, WBT courses are a great way to maximize your time and your training budget.

• Lower cost + no travel expenses = Maximize time and training budget
• Delivers same content as instructor-led courses
• Instructors are included “virtually” through recorded lecture, demonstrations, and exercises
• Access to course Forums with expert feedback from instructors and fellow students
• Flexibility to train when and where you want

Please reach out to us at [email protected] or at +91-9880660787 +91- 9916102388 to get access to the WBT’s

Note: WBT’s marked in Red color are free of cost.


Course Code Course Name Duration in Hours
1E031G DB2 Family Fundamentals – eLearning 16
1L463G DB2 10.5 for LUW Advanced Database Administration with DB2 BLU Acceleration – eLearning 40
1V500G Introduction into the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator – Handling Tables – eLearning 4
1Z520G Using InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition V10 24
1Z540G Programming with InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition 32
1Z670G InfoSphere MDM Reference Data Management V10 16
1Z801G Introduction to InfoSphere Master Data Management V11.3 8
1Z802G IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Fundamentals (V11.6) eLearning 8
1Z840G InfoSphere MDM Workbench V11 24
6X234G IBM SPSS Modeler Foundations on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x) eLearning 6
6X235G IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x): Data Virtualization – eLearning 2
6X236G IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x): Foundations – eLearning 6.5
6X237G IBM Cognos Analytics on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x): Dashboarding and Reporting – eLearning 7
6X240G IBM Watson OpenScale on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x) eLearning 6.5
6X241G IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x) eLearning 4
6X242G IBM Decision Optimization on IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V2.5.x) eLearning 6
6X334G IBM SPSS Modeler for IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V3.0.x) eLearning 6
6X336G IBM Cloud Pak for Data (V3.0.x): Foundations eLearning 6.5
B6025G IBM Cognos Analytics: Introduction to Authoring (v11.0) eLearning 5
B6088G IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) eLearning 2
B6091G IBM Cognos Analytics – Departmental Administration (v11.0) eLearning 2
B6289G IBM Cognos Analytics: Dashboard Essentials (V11.1.x) 4
B6290G IBM Cognos Analytics: Modeling with Data Modules (V11.1.x) 6.5
K01015G Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics – eLearning 7
ODC8025G IBM Rational CLM for Quality Professionals v6.0.5 (IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management) 20
ODC8030G IBM Rational CLM for Developers v6.0.5(IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management) 12
ODC8035G IBM Rational CLM for Business Analysts 6.0.5(IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management) 12
SNV10ADG IBM Spectrum Virtualize RAID Protection 4
SNV10BDG IBM Spectrum Virtualize – Advanced Cluster Concepts 4
SNV10CDG IBM Spectrum Virtualize – Transparent Cloud Tiering 4
SNV10DG IBM Spectrum Virtualize for the IBM SAN Volume Controller 8
1M424G IBM InfoSphere DataStage v11.5 Data Masking eLearning 2
1W710G IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Data Scientists (V1.0) eLearning 5
1W720G IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Data Engineers V1.0 – eLearning 6
1W730G IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) for Administrators V1.0 – eLearning 8
K03001G IBM BigInsights Overview 4
K03002G IBM Open Platform Overview – eLearning 5
SN71DG Storage Area Networking Fundamentals 32
SSE12DG Monitoring the IBM Elastic Storage System 8
VW014G Application Migration and Modernization with IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition 5
W7067G Watson Studio Methodology – eLearning 6
W7068G IBM Watson Discovery for Developers – eLearning 6.50
W7069G IBM Watson OpenScale Methodology – eLearning 6.50
W7070G IBM Watson Assistant Methodology 4
W7071G IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog Methodology – eLearning 4
W7072G Machine Learning Rapid Prototyping with IBM Watson Studio 9
W7100G The AI Ladder: A Framework for Deploying AI in your Enterprise 3
W7101G Exploratory Data Analysis for Machine Learning 8
W7102G Supervised Learning: Regression 11
W7104G Unsupervised Learning 8
W7105G Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning 14
W7106G Specialized Models: Time Series and Survival Analysis 11
W7107G What is Conversational AI? 5
W7108G What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)? 4.50
ZB030G IBM Blueworks Live Account Administration 4.80
ZB031G Process Discovery and Modeling in IBM Blueworks Live 4.50
ZM103G Technical Introduction to IBM MQ 8