Channel Partner

Get Ready! Get Equipped! Stay ahead by strengthening your Relationships

Amstar’s Channel Partnership outreach predominantly involves 4 (Four) different initiatives namely:

– “Sell to” partners
– “Sell through” partners
– “Sell with” partners
– A “Hybrid” where we use more than one model.

Our Channel partner model is a unique retainer model. Not only is it no longer all about you, your product or service, and your company. It is about “Us”. We like to engage Channel Partners as they are great for strategic business expansion and a key asset to us as they are helping us to increase profits and increasing our customers globally.

How Amstar stands out from the Crowd of Channel Partners?

“We build relationships and listen more effectively” – Joseph S Jayakumar, Director Amstar Technologies

Most importantly we have a tiered phase of

  • Taking time: – We at Amstar Technologies understand the importance of co-selling with partners, whether it’s a distributor or a partner as it’s time well invested when we work closely together.
  • Promoting together: – Amstar works cohesively with Channel Partners globally on their co-promotional activities as they understand the need and importance of generating leads and publicity in the respective partner regions.
  • Getting social: – Speaking from practical experience at Amstar Technologies, when a partner is active in a particular social media community, there’s an amazing amount to learn by just listening to what others are speaking or talking. We call this the “Water cooler effect”. It’s a very good place to learn what, where, and how you should be selling where Customers are asking questions, but so are distributors and other partners.Amstar trains its partners to participate in these forums depending on where they are coming from to build better word of mouth online.
  • Creating a best practices community: – Following up with Social media, there is also the opportunity to create shared experiences and communities. This can take the form of invitation-only pages for all vendors, partners, and companies, and customers to all come together and share best practices to get “just in time” information to address a customer problem that they’re facing and trying to address or can also ask questions to each other any point of time.
  • Co-branding with our partner: – We co-brand between our organization and our channel partners. This is an incredible leverage tool to create new sales pipeline and build a true working relationship as there is complete transparency amongst both the parties as to where are the niche outcome areas and how it can be addressed?Amstar’s goal is to help our Channel Partners and Resellers be successful via
    –          Optimum Return on Investment and Interaction (ROI) with best margins
    –          Better Knowledge sharing with Lowest Costs
    –          Applicable Marketing Support and Lead nurturing wherever possible thus benefiting from recurring revenue models

“In a well-designed channel model, multiple partners, representing the same vendor, should be trying to win a specific opportunity, albeit with a differentiated value-add-on.”
Amstar looks forward to work with one or more than types of partners, depending on the channel strategy and partner programs. We keenly like to understand your partner outreach strategy organizationally.