Soft Skills and Productivity Training

The phrase ‘soft skills’ incorporates a wide variety of personality traits, communication and people skills, social attitudes and emotional intelligence. These qualities (also known as ‘core skills’) are increasingly important for success in the workplace – and not just for those in leadership positions. Everyone can benefit from some focused training and development to help them realise their full potential. Amstar has a number of courses you can study to enhance your soft skills right now, which you can find on this page.

The workspaces and environments of businesses have changed drastically in the last couple of years. Businesses are becoming more global and virtual. And thus, it has become a big challenge for employees to coordinate and collaborate. No doubt, the market has seen many new tools and updates that enable a global and virtual workforce to work more efficiently. This scenario has naturally created a demand for professionals who are proficient in implementing cutting-edge productivity tools. We provide training in all the common office productivity tools. If it is not listed, then reach out to us, we will help provide it.

In addition we provide training on two important acts of India towards Gender Sensitization and protection at Workplaces and Educational Institutions. We can provide training with experts in the field on ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act,2013 (“POSH Law”). This law is applicable to all organizations in the country employing women. Also for Children we have the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (POCSO). we have experts to handle training on this as well. As per the provisions under ‘Prevention of Children from the Sexual Offences Rules, 2020’ every Educational Institution must conduct the awareness programs for the staff and children, periodically.


1. Microsoft Excel – Basic, Intermediate & Advanced
2. Microsoft Word
3. Microsoft Project
4.Microsoft O365 end user
5.Microsoft O365 Administration


1. POSH Act Awareness for employees/Leadership team training
2. POSH Training for Internal Committee members
3. POCSO Awareness session for School staff
4. POSCO Awareness session for students


1. Persuasion Skills
2. Time Management
3. Stress Management
4. Communication Skills
5. Assertiveness Skills
6. Customer Management skills
7. Design Thinking
8. Written Communication skills
9. Professional Selling skills
10. Negotiation Skills
11. Motivation & Performance Enhancement
12. Supervisory Development programme
13. Executive Development Programme
14. Habits of Highly Effective People
15. Conflict handling in Work environment
16. Management development program
17. Finance for non-finance managers
18. RTI and its handling
19. Corporate Governance
20. Labour Laws implementation
21. Contracting & Arbitration


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