Mrs. Shridevi,Oracle Noida says:
“I echo the sentiments. We had a fantastic experience. The content delivery was stupendous. I’m going to recommend your name for the next set of python batches to our OU rep. ☺.”

Mr. Suresh Kumar Kottur Arumugham, Senior Project Manager of Infosys, Greater Milwaukee, says:
“Thanks for scheduling the Online Training session at a short notice for our Onsite! Feedback we had received was Very Good ☺.”

Ms. Nishi Ranjan, Sr. Specialist, Nielsen Audio, says:
“Team is really fine with the training.”

Ms. Sudha Reddy,Program Manager, Oracle says:
“Good to see this excellent feedback and great efforts shown by them in achieving this feedback and appreciate the consistency throughout.”

IBM Sysplex event
Mr.Roberto and Fernando,Banco de España(Bank of Spain)Departamento de Sistemas de Información(Department of Information Systems),Unidad de Seguridad Informática(Computer Security Unit)says:
“We’d like to thank you for making it possible.Could you also extend the congratulations to Mr Abhi, our trainer? The session was great, adapted to our skills,
and he made sure we were following his explanations constantly. Overall, he made a great job!.”

Mr. Hemanth Kumar, one of participant says:
“The WEBINAR session was intuitive & informative, keep up the good work”