Photo Gallery – Amstar Recent Events

AMSTAR conducted IoT Technical Workshop @ SYNIVWERSE, Bangalore on 17 November 2017


MSME IND EXPO 2017 – BENGALURU (14 – 15 November 2017)


Amstar at IIM-K for Summer Interns recruitment – 2017


08th July 2017 – BCIC 40th Anniversary Event, Bangalore


05th July 2017 – Amstar 12th Anniversary, Bangalore

4th January 2017 – Staff Appreciation Team Dinner, Bangalore

To thank our team for their hard work and effort throughout the year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between the Organization and the team. We have celebrated the day by offering gifts, a small retrospectation of our Company’s performance – 2016, followed by a special group dinner at a renowned hotel to reward team’s effort and to build a strong corporate culture through appreciation. Thank you team for all you’ve done!

16th April 2017 – Team Outing, Bangalore

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” that famous saying really applies for us all isn’t it? It true and we need to break that monotony of work. As we are in the IT capital of India there is no doubt in that all of us are busy with our 9-5 jobs. Hence, we took a break on the 16th April 2017 to head for a One Day team outing place, a Resort in Bangalore. The best thing is that the visit to the Resort has given us maximum fun and entertainment for our entire team.
Enjoyed a fun filled day with our colleagues in the resort and build our bond stronger with our teammates. Not just simply indulged in some activities, but also delighted with some delicious meals. Had a great time in the resort