Train to Hire or Employer-Based Training (EBT) is an innovative learning initiative that provides our clients with an opportunity to work with Amstar to train client’s potentially shortlisted candidates suiting to their company’s technical and other required skill sets with a course project at the end within the specified time frame by the customer. The duration of the program will vary from client to client depending upon the complexity of the employment goal. This program is targeted to individuals and geared towards entry-level positions in Information Technology sectors.

These programs are delivered by the client approved Instructors from Amstar panel on specific course modules approved by the clients. At the program completion, all successful candidates meeting out the set selection criteria will receive a secured employment offer for successful onboarding from the client for whom the exercise was carried out. This is part of our on-going commitment to provide cost effective training option to the clients that results in timely, safe and sustainable technical workforce.

Train to Hire works on the principle that an individual’s likelihood of securing paid employment improves significantly if he/she can demonstrate to a potential employer the ability to master job tasks. Our Instructors facilitate practical ‘hands-on’ training in Essential Skills and actual job tasks to fulfill the training plan.

This works in partnership with employers to offer a unique program that combines in-class technical/personality specific training with practical work experience on a concurrent basis. This Train to Hire Career Partnership program increases success rates because it is strategically designed to be a comprehensive solution.  This program is offered only to the candidates shortlisted and approved by Amstar and its clients.

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