Our performance over the past three years is testimony to Amstar’s story of growth and evolution. We are quite happy with the way we ended this year amidst political and economic turbulence in our key markets. We expect the current fiscal to be incrementally positive as clients adopts more digital services of cloud and automation.

Key Financial Highlights of 2016-17:

• The consolidated growth in Revenue in 2016-17 by 24% as compared to financial year 2015-016.
• 2017 EBITA (Earnings before Interest and Tax) 13% (un audited) on Revenue, an increase of 3% from 2016.
• Added additionally 36 new clients across the globe for FY-2016-17.

Our Business in Brief:

We are fast growing IT Services Company, providing a comprehensive range of IT – Technical – Functional – Soft skills Learning portfolios, Lateral IT Staffing, IT consulting and IT Learning Infrastructure integration services to the Corporate sectors and other industries by providing services focused on customer engagement strategy to a broad range of enterprises in India / abroad.

We are organized to provide our services also through our authorized resellers appointed across reportable business segments to work closely with all our customers and provide our comprehensive IT solutions in key vertical markets. In our Technology Solutions segment, we are highly dependent on the end-market demand for IT Services and on our partners’ strategic initiatives and business models. We provide a comprehensive range of strategic services and solutions to enhance our clients’ customer life cycles to acquire, support and renew customer relationships, to automate and optimize processes, to maximize the value of every customer interaction and to improve business outcomes.

As you are know that we have been in business since 2005 and are headquartered in Bengaluru, India and have appreciable business transactions also in North and South America, Asia Pacific and Europe and have full-time and temporary/contract employees across locations to support our clients. Also as an Arrow ECS IBM OEM Training Sales & Delivery Partner [TsDp] in India, enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to our reseller and both Corporate / retail customers to suit their needs. We are proud of what Amstar has accomplished in 2016 including acquisition of new clients in India/abroad and believe we are well positioned in our IBM Technology Learning Solutions to capture the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

The overall technology industry continues to evolve, creating new products, services, solutions, and ultimately new business models. We believe that Amstar is well-positioned to capture the growth opportunities that these changes present. In 2016-17, we grew our revenue 24 percent and in 2017-18 we decided to focus on our IT Consulting Practice, a strategic differentiator in which we help our clients improve their businesses by leveraging the deep knowledge we have in process and we continue to grow our business in key high growth, high value markets. We have gained a decent momentum in growing the business, and in addition, we have more opportunity to streamline and improve our back-office efficiency through scale and process improvement.

Looking forward, we are optimistic about our ability to drive across our businesses, our markets continue to change and evolve. We believe we are able to sustain our position in the markets in which we compete through our ability to anticipate these changes, identify new pools of value, and invest in growth areas.

We want to thank our entire team whose creativity, hard work and dedication made this possible with the support of the Management. Our strong connection with our clients, business partners differentiates us in an increasingly changing marketplace, and we are prepared to meet the changing needs of the market, pursue continued growth and maximize our value.

Thank you.

Management Team
Amstar Technologies (P) Ltd