The Company offers end-to-end bouquet of high-quality, highly-responsive and innovation-led services spanning Enterprise Learning on Information Technology [IT] Soft Skills, Functional, Consulting, Lateral Staffing, Training Infrastructure Outsourcing, and Technical Content Writing Services, since its inception from 2005.

With an impeccable track record of Service delivery and strong alliances with world’s leading technology giants and product vendors like Arrow ECS and IBM, the Company serves more than 300 customers, including several of the Fortune 500 Companies. Our client-centric approach continues to bring us high levels of client satisfaction. Your Company continues its focus on quality and strives to exceed customer expectations at all times.

In emerging areas of Big Data, Mobility, IOT, Network, Cloud, Security, Platforms, Business Analytics and Engineering Services, Amstar is well placed with its breadth of service offerings catering to all business segments . Your Company is committed towards building a synergistic relationship with its partners to enable, deliver, complete and customized highly cost-effective solutions to meet customers’ demands to remain competitive. The Learning and education are at the foundation of Amstar and the Customer IT Technical Competency development / building continues to be a key area of strategic focus. Further, Amstar developed Training Reseller channels network for Arrow ECS Authorized IBM official training offerings to work closely with the customers across locations by building relationships and opportunities, which helps our Reseller partner organizations and customers to succeed. Through this program, we help our clients innovate and derive more value for their projects.

With Make in India and Skill in India Mission: Amstar is once again at the forefront of supporting the country with the need for IT skilled professional manpower resources, by working closely with various initiatives through its partnerships and left a sustainable and visible impact on the IT skills map of the country which is experienced by the people in their interaction with organizations trained by Amstar.

Your Company believes that while Technology can enable processes but it is People who actually make things happen. In a journey of delivering tangible business value to stakeholders, Associates are envisioned as a strategic differentiator for the Company. The Company also enables young achievers to demonstrate their leadership skills and strategic thought process. There is a significant focus on creating a fun-filled, high energy work environment where personal milestones, organizational successes and special occasions are celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm involving not just Associates but also their families. Amstar’s Employee Value Proposition – Freedom to Explore, Connect, Co-Create and Celebrate – is at the core of its people practices and policies. Your Company’s social initiatives are carried out on a regular basis on a bi-annual basis serving under privileged section of the community.

Your company believes that responsible business can be possible only when aligned to sustainable development. Thus the Company concentrated its efforts on leveraging Sustainability as a core aspect when implementing strategies across all dimensions- social, economic and environmental. With its sustainable development efforts remaining an unchanging priority, your Company is now looking at a future that is economically viable, environmentally friendly and socially just.

We continually evaluate, assess the effectiveness of our organization structure and processes to optimize it for alignment with our strategic objectives and agility by benchmark them with best-in-class practices to optimize costs and enable swift and effective response to our clients.

We are guided by our value system which motivates our attitudes and actions. Our core values are Client value, Leadership by example, Management by Definite Objective, Integrity and transparency, Fairness and Excellence.

In summary, Amstar is well positioned in the markets it serves with a broad range of service offerings and a diversified customer base. As we step into our 13th year of operation journey, Amstar reinvents itself to support its noble Mission and Vision in a manner that we create history from which future will learn!

The Directors thank the Company’s customers, suppliers, bankers, financial institutions, Central and State Governments and shareholders for their consistent support to the Company. The Directors also sincerely acknowledge the significant contributions made by all the employees for their dedicated services to the Company during 2016-17.

12 years of building IT Competencies, Lateral Staffing, Consulting, Training facility support … Innovatively across the world for diverse industries.