Code of Conduct: Doing Business the Right Way

Our stellar reputation and success as a business entity has been defined by the powerful commitment, shared responsibilities, promises and adherence to the core values and principles expressed in this Code, by all our employees, directors and partners. To be successful in today’s marketplace, Amstar Technologies have consistently adhered to the values and ideals by maintaining the highest ethical standards articulated by the Founders for over years that guide and govern the conduct of our company in all matters relating to our business.

This Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our business. It is built on our company’s core Values, Principles and Social responsibilities. Through this, we embrace these values as we enhance the success of our Reseller, Business Partners, Associates and our team. The Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to each of our stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate, and is our guiding light. The Code is also dynamic in that it has been periodically refreshed in order to remain contemporary and contextual to the changes in law and regulations. So we urge you always to use good judgment and, when in dilemma seek guidance from your supervisor, Human Resources or the Legal Department. However it remains unaltered at its core.

We trust every Amstar colleague and Amstar company will continue to not only comply with the laws and regulations that govern our business interests, but will continue to set new standards of ethical conduct that will generate deep respect and inspire emulation by others.

Thank you.

Management Team
Amstar Technologies (P) Ltd