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2018:- The year of Exceeding Expectations vs. Just Meets Expectations

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Information Technology and Software Industry is going through a major revamp mode. So when we at Amstar decided what is in anvil as a leading solutions partner for IT sector across sectors, here is what comes up in our mind.

As quoted by Vala Afsher, Chief Digital Evangelist at with upgrade in Technology happening at a rapid pace, There comes a greater Responsibility on service and solution providers on how well can they connect to their customers holistically yet relevantly.

Amstar believes that Technology offerings will be more customized and need based. As innovative technology offerings like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Automation, Augmented reality and Block Chain to name a few are not only disrupting and transforming conventional business models. They are also ushering in the so-called upgrade yourself or reskill yourself or be phased out scenario.So how do providers, organizations and most importantly lateral employees handle this scenario? Although inevitable it’s about being able to create expectations across value chain and it begins with this simple step of being updated and relevant subjectively.

If we get back to remembering who the customers are, and then re-segmenting their needs more intelligently that creates an impact to begin with. Reskilling comes next; this is where we say getting a hold makes the difference. Invest on yourself and most importantly get the hands on knowledge to be ahead in the race.

The biggest issue Technology vendor’s face is that of legacy systems migration. With a rapid pace in technology automation, Providers are now embracing the cloud and are becoming hybrid but are lost and here is where Reskilling/Cross Training comes into picture which Amstar prides as a pioneer from 2005 across all products and segments in Technology.

Lastly to exceed expectations when Organizations are transitioning themselves from legacy based systems they should not forget about updating their employee skill sets be it either on the job or off the job.

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With Technology being a sought after main front communication medium today, Don’t forget about the people who are in the front-line handling your customers and make sure they are empowered and enabled to be successful with the new kinds of products and services you’re bringing to market. This is very essential to create that ‘Customer Centric Expectation’ you have always envisioned.

While Amstar believes that the gap between strategy and execution is widening and is the most disruptive time seen in Technology in many decades. Yet with a properly trained resource staff and able thought leadership there is hope and no doubt about you cracking the Exceeded Expectations code.

Exceed your Expectations Journey today starting with Amstar Today. Get in touch with us today to get your Technology Training Outcome Mapping done exclusively. Register at

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Technology Reskilling: -Need of the hour when we talks of Today’s Disruption in IT.

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At Amstar we strive consistently to merge Technology needs with Outcomes holistically through our diverse range of learning solutions to the IT sector globally. So when we read about Deportation scenario being brought about by the present administration in USA, We were shocked.

This move could tentatively force deportation of thousands of Indian H-1B visa holders who possess temporary US visas that allow companies to hire highly skilled foreign professionals working in areas with shortages of qualified American workers.

Although not finalized, there may be a scenario in near future where a forced deportation tactic could be inevitable. This is a tricky scenario for IT professionals as according to several reports, there are over 5 lakh Indian technology professionals who are working in the US on H-1B visa itself.

So question comes in picture? How can a professional keep himself abreast with so much dynamic changes happening around him.

We accept that Change is inevitable, however at Amstar it has to be holistic in nature and thus we insist on Technology Reskilling with mapped purposes as the current need of the hour.

Here is what we have for professionals who are confused about What Technology Reskilling is all about and how to go about it “One Step at a time” to be ahead of the competition globally.

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Full Steam Full Service: –The IT industry today is very dynamic and aggressive. Overlap of services is a certainty and migration to alternative skill sets is inevitable. Outcome based pay models may return as compared to Time based models. Cloud, IOT, Data modeling, Machine learning will take IT ahead to newer paradigms.

Human Resources will work on Overtime Ad-hoc basis: – The IT Industry will lean on newer and innovative approaches to Hire, Retain and Talent nurture. This is because Gen Z and younger Millenials will force companies to integrate and look at new job definitions, rotations, training, appraisals and remuneration etc. This in turn will change hierarchical paradigms of power and command chains existing formally in the IT sector.

Purpose vs. Positioning: – IT Solutions without outcomes will be phased out. CIO and CXO’s have been mapping this trend actively with an objective vs. outcome scenario. And if being addressed what are the tangible and intangible costs associated with it?

Upgrade yourself: – Self explanatory but something we tend to overlook. We insist you to get hold of a good training partner when it comes to IT to be ahead of the race. A Word of caution though as we have been in the industry vertical for more than a decade is “Never restrict to just a limited skill set” as you never know when it will be phased out.

Honesty is still the best policy: – Employers will seek transparency and authenticity from employees when it comes to niche skillsets. If not aware consult your HR Department about your concerns or get in touch with us and we can help you grow new heights at your present jobs starting today.

Sensitivity in service: – IT being disruptive and dynamic in today’s scenario is facing huge trends in new sectors unheard of. We are witnessing what we see as a beginning of a giant and sophisticated Technology Revolution. But at the heart of any revolution lies impeccable service and that becomes the key differentiator for any provider.

The Discontentment with Technology: –Technology will become more experiential. Machine and Human learning, Data Modeling will go hand in hand. Some may adapt and many will resent to it. But are you equipped well enough is the question we at Amstar have for you? As key trends impacting IT sector keep changing dynamically both on a micro and macro factor globally.

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Data Protection vs. Think Thank Teams: – How robust are your Data protection initiatives?

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Amstar prides on itself as a leading solutions provider and a certified IBM Authorized training partner (ATP) for CXO’s, CIO’s and CTO’s of reputed companies. Keeping in trend with dynamic changes happening in Information Technology and Services sector becoming need based, Reskilling is now the need of the hour. The question we have for our partners however is“How do you make your Data protection/encryption more secure”?And “How do you ensure your employees are updated with the trends holistically in that sector/scenario?”

While our customers are aware that Futuristic Technology will be the impetus going forward. Skillset mapping is something they are very particular and come back to us when need arises. The reason being when Technology is being migrated, Business models being revamped, Industries going for resize or reskill mode and most importantly “What’s the outcome” delivered mode ?!


As a solutions partner our USP (Unique selling proposition) we exponentially have more leverage and wherewithal to impact the full outcome based potential of our customer.

USP This leads to breaking up of silos and back to the discussion where Data protection shall be more secure and Think Tank teams further optimized as we try to encompass and augment them through our experiential cross functional training programmes.

This is the need of the hour adds Joseph Jayakumar CEO, Amstar Technologies who has been in the space from more than 30+ years across senior leadership roles.

With Skill councils set to create sourcing firms to absorb trained manpower, the need comes back to “How Sufficiently Skilled they are”? Though there might be Bots to monitor productivity, nothing beats conventional subject matter expertise which is learnt from thought leaders operating in that space.

With 2018 to see more aggressive hiring’s as per a Mercer’s pay survey “In the shared services sector, there is an influx of captive organizations across Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals sector”.

While newer roles are emerging in Supply Chain Planning, Analytics, Demand Planning, Computer Imagery, Store Design, Merchandising etc. This also brings with them issues pertaining to

-Innovative Data protection initiatives
-Think Tank Team formulation
-Legacy systems migration
-Technology and Software upgradation

With Value Chain evolutions at work being disruptive, Companies are looking at increasing headcount,” From a vendor neutral solution provider perspective, we have a huge untapped market”. Through this we envision to reach out to our stakeholders to innovate and create new paradigms in platforms through our new age customized solutions”.

The emergence of a new set of jobs known as the ‘new collar jobs’ i.e. jobs which combine technical skills in areas as cloud, cognitive, security, data science and predictive modeling etc. This will require a deep knowledge base rooted in higher education and training”. Where there is a need there is a way and we provide that way ahead for our partners globally the best possible way exclusively at Amstar.

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Innovative Marketing Opportunities for IT Channel Partners in 2018

"Technology is cluttered. So are your Outcomes
Too many OEM partners? Forgotten your Objectives?
Yet left to handle an army of attention seeking staff back at work?
For you yes, less is more
Technology based Training and Reskilling is what we specialize in
Achieve the ROI Outcomes and Accolades you had always aspired
You want it all, in one Single partner
So why fuss over many?
When all you need is one partner and that’s Amstar
Get in touch with us today to start aiming towards a Brighter Future"


IT reseller and services partners are facing a rapidly evolving Sales and Marketing landscape. This is creating professional marketers and sales leaders with scalability challenges and untapped opportunities in 2018. SMARKETING is need of the hour when we talk of how Integration and Implementation has to go hand in hand. This helps them get the best out of their Marketing initiatives in today’s disruptive redundant era.

 Joseph Jayakumar, IT Thought leader and CEO at Amstar Technologies lists down his pointers which IT resellers can include to get the best out of their IT marketing initiatives for 2018.

Find a Definition:- IT resellers need to integrate Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. This should be relevant to Informational needs of the Buyer’s persona. This step by step process helps them convert them into qualified leads which can be nurtured via contextual automated email marketing mechanism.

Eliminate Conventional Techniques not generating Outcomes:- IT resellers should eliminate conventional “Post It” note marketing techniques in today’s connected era. Trade publications and Physical events need to be augmented to Digital and Social apart from conventional PR. Lead generation mechanism will become more channelized if cross mapped across mediums.


Break barriers causing Interruptive SMARKETING:- IT resellers should learn to break paradigms involving “When they are ready to buy, they’ll find you” and that’s possible with the way how best they train and motivate themselves and their teams.

New technology platforms have changed relationship between buyers and vendors in Information Technology sector. It’s all about how resellers map channels and partners constantly to reach out to customers. Even better sign up with us to begin your successful journey as a Value Added Reseller starting today.


The emergence of Cloud Computing and Software as a Service: – With IT buyer consumerism migrating dynamically online and the balance of power now shifting to “What exactly the Customer wants”. The buying process has changed way buyers carry out the process which has been evolutionized by Digital PR and Cloud.

Market consolidation:- IT Resellers across market verticals have overtaken IT giant marketing initiatives. For Instance the top10 ERP vendors and IT Resellers now own 64% of the ERP market. With Gartner predicting even a further consolidation in days ahead to come, IT resellers will be competing on value based outcome based consulting and selling in days to come.

Buyers also want to know how an IT reseller can be entrusted to take responsibility for a problem and possess essential know-how’s, resources and processes to fix it. Demonstrating this expertise through strategic thought leadership is a great way of establishing this trust and confidence in potential buyers.

Growth of Strategic Outbound marketing: -Smaller, more agile companies and IT resellers are better placed to succeed here. The most important elements in strategic outbound marketingare the right deployment of tactical advice and expertise to help customers solve problems and answer questions.

So if you are a IT Services Company, Take advantage of the revolution in the buyer behavior and the marketing response emerging across platforms. If you have already started down this path please share your experiences by empaneling with us an ITValue added Reseller today.

Or Find out more about “How Can Amstar assist you to get the best out of your IT Reseller Marketing” initiatives with outcomes starting today.

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Crests of Enterprise Learning: How IT sector can map its trends holistically in 2018


With 2018 on a revamp or reskill mode, Organizations are now on “Strategize to Win” for the future. Technologically India will witness a wave of business transformation digitally generating new prospects for enterprises across every industry.

These will be more on a “Pay per Outcome” basis. Business leaders are aware of the power of technology. Every budget has an IT component, every campaign has an IT dimension, and all Business decisions have IT at its core.

Beyond Smart phone’s in present scenario we have been largely impacted the way we do business by Social and Digital Media, Emergence of new Trends on private and Hybrid Cloud, Big Data and Analytics.

When IT is at its core, Suppliers and Vendors need to map to the 4S model i.e. Scalability, Sustainability, Spillover and Synergies. Else we have to witness what we call as “Technology Saturation” phase quips Joseph Jayakumar, CEO Amstar Technologies who has been in the IT space for more than 30+ years across senior leadership roles.

Value Chains have been disruptive and Enterprises are looking at newer paradigms to revamp themselves. Here are 4 (four) broader trends from Amstar’s perspective which will revamp Enterprise Learning ecosystem dynamically in 2018.

The stitch in time is not just mapping your Analytics, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence holistically. It’s about integrating them contextually. The tenets falls back to “How will Enterprise Learning” benefit an Organization?


The Key Differentiators or USP’s will be

-Adoption of Social and Digital Technologies by Enterprises across value chains.

-Adoption and Migration to Cloud by SME’S (Small and Medium Enterprises) and LSI’s (Large Scale Industries) as per their relevant need and usage.

-Skill Set requirement mapping and Need fulfillment analysis.

-Enterprise Mobility.

These differentiators make the Enterprise more flexible and outcome based.

Organizations looking to unlock their full business potential must keep in sync with upcoming technology trends. Here is where we suggest getting a hand on skill assessment discussion or audit done with your Trainer first.

This helps you as an Enterprise stay connected with customers and most importantly competitors. Follow this across departments and you get the Enterprise learning mechanism and learning implementation you had always envisioned.

Even more simple connect with a thought leader who has helped other players become pioneers in the Enterprise Learning growth life cycle starting today.

A stitch in need is the need of the hour, sums up Joseph Jayakumar, CEO Amstar Technologies as Enterprise Learning is not just a buzzword, rather it is here to stay and will bring about radical changes in the way Companies think and operate.

With outcome based pay model showing signs of resurgence in the IT sector, Enterprise Learning is all about how your business is innovative, customer centric and being accessible across mediums. These will eventually reach out to other branches in ecosystem like customer analytics, sourcing and information security protocols.

Reach out to us at Amstar to get an Enterprise Learning Audit done today.Register at now.

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Discussing Technology candidly: – Get ready for a Dynamic Evolutionary era


Joseph Jayakumar is a Professional Business Consultant and Seasoned Entrepreneur heading Amstar Technologies from Bangalore. He is an Easy to Approach Mentor and Coach with hands on expertise in Technology, Cloud and SMARKETING having helped many IT clients achieve their outcomes.

Having worked extensively in the IT sector, his mantra is “Taking One Step at a Time” and most importantly taking “Ownership” or “Stakeholdership” of responsibility.

His diversified skillsets in IT Channel Partner Management, Key Account Management and B-2-B Sales strategies has been evolutionary helping organizations in achieving a significant higher turnover and profits

As a successful CEO he has been pivotal in deconstructing the elusive “BOLT” model i.e. Build Operate Lease and Transfer in Channel Partners across India. When he is at Amstar he combines his rich expertise across verticals to help Amstar leverage to further heights.

Quiz him about his views on today’s Technology of Tomorrow (TTOT) and Internet of Things, Cloud. Here is what he has to add “Get ready for a Dynamic Evolutionary era” where Technology will overpower humans in literally everything they do.

Lessons of his Business are dynamic. In today’s security world it’s a never ending cat and mouse game. The reason being hackers are trying to breach networks across verticals. Networks can be breached in minutes and companies have now moved to advanced encryption mechanisms.


Market Dynamics are also leaving providers with no choice but to upgrade legacy systems and migrate to robust software. With robust software comes the need of skilled training and resources and that’s where we try to augment our offerings adds Jayakumar by Lateral staffing, IT Infrastructure and Management, Software Consulting and next generation Enterprise learning solutions through an umbrella of customized niche IT services and solutions via Amstar.

Technology Giants should also understand that “No Software or Enterprise solution” is 100% secure. Here is where you should go for mitigation checks to check its usage. Tried and Tested principles are passé and On Job Training schedules are need of the hour. This is where Amstar has all the forte to execute it adds Joseph Jayakumar who has trained more than 36000+ professionals from more than 300+ enterprises across all verticals globally


However on a candid note every IT worker should learn and also make others learn about making technology, data devices infrastructure and data assets robust. IOT, Block chain, Machine Learning are complex domains with constant fluxes and rapid changes which needs skilled professionals. That’s where Amstar is there to help professionals connect the dots to the Technology of Tomorrow

Lastly He prides on the power of “We Factor” which just took wings to greater heights when Amstar became the official Training Sales & Delivery Partner [TSDP] of Arrow ECS for IBM Training. However Amstar’s Connectedness, Compassion, Courage, Cosmology, and Commitment (4 C’s) remain the same for any vendor.

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2018 vs. 2010 Information Technology scenario:-


“2018 will be driven by a growing demand for real-time data capture and Business focus on Mobile Workforces with impetus on Reskilling and Retraining initiatives. Integration capabilities will face minor hurdles for effective Technology Implementation”.

Mr. Joseph Jayakumar CEO, Amstar Technologies

On the Information Technology front recently Mobility has seen an accelerated growth chart in Indian enterprises in the recent years. In a survey by IDC, 37% of the Indian organizations have rated enterprise mobility as crucial. With IoT and other enabling technologies like Analytics and Cloud, the adoption of mobility is rapidly increasing and combined with the impact of Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, enterprise mobility will witness a transcendental shift in the way customers and enterprises perceive it in present context.

This is causing a Fear of missing out (FOMO) scenario in large and mid scale technology players as they are not sufficiently mapped or adequately trained operationally as they grow laterally in their job sectors. Compared to 2010 which was witnessing a boom in Cloud, Digital and Social Evangelism today’s sector is Dynamic with a Passion to outperform.

With BYOD (Bring Your own Devices) creating a new trend in IT, Mobile Technologies, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be verticals to watch out for. Uncapped technology markets which were not a priority for many providers are now becoming a potential market for players. With it comes the robust need of training and augmenting the Technology gaps and that’s where Amstar comes with its vast expertise of cross training and retraining services.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, wearable technologies powered by data, analytics, and streamlined security strategies will not only be used for better customer experience but also for workforce optimization and enhanced operational efficiency. Adds Mr. Joseph Jayakumar on this perspective “A lot has happened. A lot needs to be done” and we help them in bridging the gap in technology globally.

Better customer experience and enhanced business efficiency are driving demands for businesses today. Add to that intelligent conversational bots aka chatbots which are being largely integrated into the mobile app space.

Yes players are adding power of possibilities to the question of probabilities and they are becoming successful to an extent but they are causing what we call a huge technology drain quips Mr. Joseph Jayakumar of Amstar Technologies who adds on a candid note “Learn to be the master of Technology and machines. These jobs never existed before” either via on the job or off the job training initiatives or get hold of a staunch mentor today.

With SMARKETING in IT virtually ending the gap between physical and virtual presence between provider and buyer, The wheels in motion have been set to either perform or perish mode as both supplier and customer are working for their piece of cake in an aggressive economy.

Market Dynamics are also leaving providers with no choice but to upgrade legacy systems and migrate to robust software. With robust software comes the need of skilled training and resources and that’s where we try to augment our offerings adds Jayakumar by Lateral staffing, IT Infrastructure and Management, Software Consulting and next generation Enterprise learning solutions through an umbrella of customized niche IT services and solutions via Amstar.

In Technology Services, where Outcomes speaks for itself RTT (Rights to Technology) has become a business imperative for Enterprise Owners. However do not forget the statutory caution that Technology Platforms needs prior trained manpower/ mentoring on and that’s where forging a new partnership with an agnostic solutions provider helps from a multilateral perspective.

On that note Amstar with its proficient expertise of training more than 36000+ customers globally can provide you with the best yet effective adhoc technology based solutions.

Register with Amstar Today which prides on providing proven results with expertise for effective adhoc technology based solutions.

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Analysis of Augmented Reality Technologies and their Marketability in the Information Technology segment



Here we analyze past approaches in designing and marketing Augmented Reality apps or devices, and discover key issues that prevented their mainstream adoption. We like to offer insights into novel approaches to marketing technology products; in particular Augmented Reality devices in Technology sector. We analyze marketing strategies in order to understand which have been successful and which problems should be avoided in future campaigns. Although other articles and blogs have discussed some of these topics prominently, none of them has discussed them with an interdisciplinary objective. We also attempt to understand how recent Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices have been perceived and reported by mainframe media. This topic includes human-computer interaction expert interviews, historical evolution models for consumer technology, and socio-cultural and political analyses.


What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality has become a hot topic, partly because of the Pokémon Go phenomenon (a popular game for mobile phones). Augmented reality (AR) refers to the juxtaposition of graphics or digital information onto what an individual is seeing in real-time. It is a live view of an environment in the physical world, with computer generated or virtual elements that augment or supplement that environment. This often looks like a hologram, where, for example, on top of a real table or cardboard sign, the user could see a tridimensional virtual object. The object would appear to be on top of the table or sign, integrated into the real physical environment

Technologically speaking in essence Augmented Reality changes the world around the users as they know it. Google famously entered into the augmented reality sphere with its Google Glass project.

Although there are already-existing AR technologies that have been widely implemented successfully. They include cognitive displays for military plane pilots, navigation bots (including GPS assistants), and a number of predictive tools for car driving such as auditory feedback for detecting incoming cars in blind-spots, or distance measuring interfaces for parking slots.

Microsoft has also developed a pair of glasses called HoloLens. These shades allow the user to interact with HD holograms in real life. Voice control functions further enhance the connectivity of this out of the box technology.

On a Technology front, the use of Augmented Reality surprisingly dates back as far as the early 1990s but has only recently been thrust into the limelight by the emergence of smart phone applications and wearable interfaces which make use of the adaptive technology more aggressive.


In the last few years we have seen many players trying to realize their vision for the next step in the evolution and implementation of augmented reality. Google attempted to popularize their Google Glass device. Epson made a heads-up display called the Moverio. Meta added sensors and made a more functional prototype. Despite all these attempts, they have not been able to make augmented reality mainstream yet technologically because of multiple teething factors.

The promising future of augmented reality

Augmented Reality has become a hot topic, and as of even more recently a hot product, in the last few years it is currently projected to explode further, with a projected $90+ billion dollar industry in the next 4 years. There are many promising products currently in the works for big name technology corporations and also for smaller start-ups quickly making a name for them. Indeed, the failure of Google Glass hasn’t seemed to discourage the AR community at all.

Another promising application for AR is in the design and construction field. The interactive nature of augmented reality technologies allows for better contextual awareness for architecture and the building and designing process.

The Inition AR app for iPad can create work with 3D printers to create semantic architectural models of potential building projects, including floor plans and environmental factors such as geographical location and wind flows around the building.

Not only is there success in the future of AR, it’s actually projected to surpass the super-popular virtual reality technologies in coming years. With so much potential in entertainment, medical, architectural, military, and other contextual fields, this comes as no surprise for Amstar Technologies to provide ad-hoc consulting in this space as it’s a untapped market.

As long as we can overcome the practical application problems that are holding back the mass-production of many AR projects, such as health and safety concerns, poor battery life, and clarifying their practical purpose, the future of AR is looking big and bright and we look to partner with players who are catering that segment.

Reach out to us at AMSTAR Technologies to get the best of your Augmented Reality initiatives starting today.
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Amstar Technologies a Global Training Partner for IBM Training services share their experience at the recently concluded IBM Code Day 2018.


IBM bets big on India’s skilled Developers

Are you connecting the dots when it involves Technology?

Amstar is all you need!!! Anything on IBM Technology, you name it and we train you.

Get in touch with us today to know more !!

Amstar Technologies a pioneer in Enterprise Learning & Training, IT Consulting and Lateral Staffing since 2005, participated in IBM Code Day 2018. This was a day to watch out as more than 2000+ Developers and Technology geeks had graced the occasion at Taj Vivanta, Yeswantpur.

This truly was an event unlike any on a grand scale. Amstar team under the pioneering leadership and motivation of Mr. Jayakumar, a renowned IT Thought Leader and Director of Amstar Technologies was able to understand how developers use IBM platforms on what they code.

Candidly speaking it was not just a day of commitment to code. There was a lot of learning, unlearning and relearning from technology perspective as we saw trending technologies like Block Chain, IOT, Quantum Computing, etc., from a coder’s perspective and how we can augment these offerings exclusively for technology providers to whom we cater and how they can use these platforms to develop smart, scalable solutions for the future.

While on one hand there were power packed sessions on understanding and applying IBM’s targeted approach towards cloud, Hyperledger, Blockchain, AI & ML. There was also niche networking sessions with technology experts, spot certification labs, mentor sessions and most importantly getting to know the expansion path IBM has done globally in a short span of time.

We see India as the next leading power player for that operationally and we are gearing up for the exciting journey ahead quips Mr. Kalyan Bodetti of Amstar Technologies, who are the Training Sales & Delivery Partner of Arrow ECS, Global Training partner for IBM.

Amstar’s team was privileged to network with eminent speakers at IBM Code Day 2018 which included think tanks like:

  1. Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer of IBM Digital Business Group
  2. David Kenny, Senior VP IBM Watson and Cloud Platform
  3. Whizkid Tanmay Bakshi also known as Neural Network Architect and IBM Champion for Cloud at just 14 years of age.
  4. Angel Diaz, IBM VP Developers from Technology and Advocacy department
  5. Nikhil Kumar, Fellow iSPIRT
  6. Atul Batra, CTO Manthan
  7. Seema Kumar, Country Leader, Developer, IBM Ecosystems Group India and more…


IBM code day was all about giving opportunities to anyone who wants to code and solve complexities by paving way for innovative technical launch pads. This was also about scaling up holistically by working with developers on a front end use case basis. They included startups to build cloud-native apps on a micro level or even building next generation hybrid platforms on a macro level and we are all in favor of this noble initiative adds Mr. Jayakumar, Director, Amstar Technologies who has trained more than 36000+ students globally across various platforms.

Amstar supports IBM’s overview of the developer as a brand advocate principle. This makes the developer a very important influence in the way technology is being adopted and consumed, as he is the end user. Thus at IBM Code Day it was not just equipping developers with a lot of content. they were also allowed to build bots and also reassess the right level of skills and so on to build practical use patterns or applications connecting dots from a coder’s/developer’s perspective.

Amstar is also a part of IBM community-based activities where workshops like Watson-in-a-day, IoT-in-a-day, Block chain-in-a-day, etc are conducted. This has proved very rewarding for the developers as it helps them upgrade their skills and we help them in this initiative.

On this front IBM is working with more than 289 startups and Mr. Nipun Mehrotra, Chief Digital Officer, IBM-India and South Asia added that IBM has also collaborated with different educational startups in India to up-skill and re-skill developer community by providing immersive curriculum on IBM technologies such as Watson, IoT, Middleware, Systems and Analytics via a choice of media.

This is where Amstar a training technology solutions provider comes into foray in technological context with its proficient expertise of training more than 36000+ students globally can provide any developer community with the best yet effective ad-hoc technology based re-skilling solutions.

Amstar also would specially like to thank Pradeep Balachandran Program Director at IBM, Poornima A Trikkur Developer Advocate at IBM, Gopikrishnan Varadarajulu Senior Technical Staff Member & Architect at IBM , Shajeer Mohammed STSM Lead Architect at IBM, Prashant Pradhan CTO at IBM India South Asia, Romeo Kienzler Chief Data Scientist, Deep Learning/ AI Engineer at IBM, Vijay Suthankar Cloud Integration Architect at IBM Software Labs, NJR Students + Rich Hagarty Chief Data Scientist, Deep Learning/AI Engineer at IBM, Vishal Chahal Executive IT specialist/Business Analytics at IBM, Sai Vennam IBM Cloud Developer Advocate, Ashwin Srinivas Research Engineer at IBM, Praveen Jayachandran Research Engineer at IBM, Albee Jhoney Senior Software Engineer at IBM, Gaurav Goswami Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Expert at IBM, Amarender Katkam IoT/M2M Consultant, Sreekanth Iyer Cloud Security Architect at IBM Cloud, Riya M Roy Developer Advocate at IBM India Private Limited, Vidya Sagar Machupalli Technical Product Manager and Developer Advocate IBM Cloud for their extensive presentations on Devops Watson Data Science, IBM Cloud, Robotics, Block Chain, IoT and API which were very insightful and outcome based to the developer’s fraternity at large.

See you all again at IBM Code Day 2019…!!

Happy Learning

Amstar Team,

Blog 10

The Block Chain Revolution and how IT industry can use it for their Up-skilling Initiative

A Block chain is a continuously growing list of records called as blocks. They are interlinked and secured via time stamps and transaction data and is of growing importance in today’s big data era where data and technology are integrated on cloud. Vertical leaders operating globally across supply chain, BFSI (Banking and Financial Services), Health care sector and even Government sector are using this block chain model to explore alternatives on how it can disrupt and transform their traditional operational models.

The results are astounding from today’s implementation usage globally across verticals from IBM’s viewpoint. Blockchain has helped to achieve significant business benefits, greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability and efficiency with a higher speed of transactions and at significant reduced costs.


Better Transparency: – Transactional histories across verticals are becoming transparent via block chain as its acts as a distributed ledger network across cloud. Through this initiative networked vendors can only share the required documentation as compared to earlier forms of conventional transaction monitoring. Also any updation can be done via a consensus mode where both vendors should be agreeable on it thus making the record system more robust and error free. Thus data on a block chain is more accurate, consistent and transparent for easy access, edit and operational feasibility in context of large scale industries or even medium scale industries.

Enhanced Security across layers: – Block-chain in a usage context is more robust unlike rudimentary record keeping systems. Transactions are agreed mutually and then recorded for documentation.Post this, entries are encrypted and linked to previous transactions. This along with fact that information is stored across a network of computers instead on a single server makes it difficult for hackers to compromise on transaction data where data protection is very crucial today where fraud and unauthorized activity is rampant.

Improved Traceability: – Blockchain helps in easy traceability across complex systems at ease. Be it an exchange of goods, new purchase or even multiple product shelving etc. Blockchain shows a product history trail from inception to usage. This historical transaction of data can help you to verify the authenticity and prevent frauds in a global context making it easy for firms to have an upper hand on their purchase decisions.


Increased efficiency and speed: – Block chain unlike rudimentary processes is more robust as transactions are completed faster and efficiently with zero human error and interaction. Also when everyone across virtual teams globally has access to same information it becomes easier to keep organizational operational flow at ease and thus helps in a quicker settlement process as intermediary’s involvement will be to the bare minimum.

Reduced Operational and Capital Expenditure Costs: – Cost reduction is a priority in any organization. Blockchain helps in achieving this to a large extent as it eliminates the need of third party players across verticals and levels. It also eliminates the need of multiple documentations as everything is on the cloud and is available for easy accessibility thus helping creating a significant cost advantage for organizations globally.

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