Our value of integrity provides that “we employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.” Soliciting, receiving, giving or offering bribes, kickbacks, inappropriate gifts or engaging in other corrupt practices to obtain or maintain business or favors conflicts with this value. In addition when the beneficiary of payments, offers of payments, or gifts is may also trigger liability under the anti-bribery laws of the country.

The purpose of this policy is to emphasize the importance of integrity in our business dealings to all associates as well as educate them in their obligations under the anti-bribery laws of the country we operate in or do business with. This policy applies to all Amstar operations and Business Units.

No associate shall authorize, provide, promise, or offer to provide money, including Facilitating Payments, or anything else of value to:

• Any Public Official, officials of public international organizations, political candidates or political parties, for the purpose (or with the intent) of influencing him/her in the performance of his/her official functions in order to obtain or retain business for Ingram Micro or gain an unfair advantage over competitors;

• Any other person (whether they are customers, vendors or suppliers, including their respective employees) with the intent to induce such person to improperly perform his/her function or improperly influence his/her decisions.

No associate shall request, agree to receive or accept money or anything else of value with the intent of being influenced in the performance of his/her functions. Every associate is responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy. Any associate violating this policy shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Thank you.

Management Team
Amstar Technologies (P) Ltd